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The Gardens Wellness Center (561) 299-4899 Substance Abuse Addiction Treatment Center – Inpatient Detox, Residential Addiction Treatment and Co-Occurring Diagnosis

Take the First Step in Your Recovery from Addiction

We are a client-centered, offering local & national drug detox and alcohol detoxification need as well as residential treatment centers service. The Gardens Wellness Center provides safety, wellness, and guidance to lessen the effects of medical detoxification and give providing the peace of mind and comfort to each individual by helping anyone suffering from substance abuse and seeking treatment.

Our Commitment

Our client safety, comfort, and emotional balance is our priority. We are committed finding an environment which supports and encourages respect, compassion, tranquility, and harmony.

Why Are We Different

What differentiates our network of facilities is the value we put in the human dignity of our clients. We understand they are struggling with addiction and deserve to be treated with empathy and acceptance.

Detoxification is the first step in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction; we are not a facility that pushes people through the detoxification process. We make sure clients are ready physically and emotionally to transfer to a rehabilitation facility. We believe that all clients have the possibility to succeed in recovery, and that they should have all the tools, help, and emotional support they need to continue their journey.

Our low client-to-staff ratio ensures that each client is known as a whole person. Every individual is unique in their recovery. We emphasize one-on-one care, giving clients consistency, with people they will know and trust. Each client’s detoxification program is customized based on their individual needs, and adjusted throughout the process to ensure maximum success.

We want to provide maximum comfort during detoxification, which is often physically and mentally rough. Our spacious private rooms have modern amenities, including TV with cable and movie access. We also provide both meals and snacks that are appetizing and provide clients with the nutrients they need during detoxification.

We’re here for more than the physical needs of detoxification as well. Our individual, group, recreational, holistic, and educational therapies are conducted based on the client’s needs to give them the health and stability they need to continue the addiction treatment process and remain sober.


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